Corporate Law. Legal Organization of Corporate Systems

Код Товара: 786969
Наличие: В наличии
Артикул: 786969
UPC: 2020
ISBN: 978-5-392-32573-3

This monograph investigates the legal status of Russian corporations at the present day. It describes the legal organization of corporate systems, defines the concepts of corporate relations and corporate property owned by members of corporations. The author analyzes the sources of regulation of corporate relations, identifies the place of corporate law in the Russian system of law branches, investigates the legal aspects of corporate governance mechanisms and discusses the matters pertaining to the protection of corporate rights. The described legislation is current as of August 2019. The relevance of the present work is emphasized by its consideration of the latest changes in corporate legislation and judicial practice. The book is aimed at a broad readership, including representatives of public and local authorities, legal practitioners, lecturers in entrepreneurial and corporate law, graduate and postgraduate students.
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